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ReferenceM.Ni.5 Madhukosha, A.H.Sha.1/58
Literary MeaningComplications developed in pregnant women due to foetus.
Implied MeaningThis is a group of complications, which may develop due to the pregnant state of women.
ElaborationFor diseases developed during pregnancy foetus is the main causative factor ( A. H. Sha. 1 / 58 ). Aahaara Rasa transfers from mother to foetus and returns again to mother with liquid waste ( Kleda ) from foetal body. It results in quantitative rise of liquid waste in the mother’s body, which is the main reason for most of the complications developed during pregnancy. Indirectly foetus is responsible for these complications, and hence they are labelled as Garbhopadrava.
In Haareeta Samhitaa eight Garbhopadrava are described They are S`hotha ( oedema ), Hrillhaasa ( Nausea ), Chhardi ( Vomiting ), Jvara ( fever ), Aruchi ( loss of taste ), Atisaara ( loose motions ), and Vivarn`atvam ( discoloration ).

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