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ReferenceC.Su.11/35, S.Chi.28/28
Literary MeaningM / W – the unmarried state , continence
Implied MeaningTo have control over the Indriyaan`i ( sensory organs and mind ), to learn the Vedaah.
ElaborationAahaara, Nidraa and Brahmacharya are the three supportive pillars to the life of human being. According to Chakrapaan`i , life is held by the main Pillar “ KARMA ” which is supported by pillars like Aahaara ( Diet ), Nidraa ( Sleep ) and Brahmacharya Indriya Sanyama ). Person should follow the rules related to these Upastambha.
Brahmacharya means to have control over the sensory organs and mind, to learn the Vedaah and to learn about Brahma . You should not completely avoid the use of sense organ at the same time you should not over use the sense organ.

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