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Etymology/ Definitionशरीरस्य लेप:। च.नि. १/३६
ReferenceS.Chi.24/63 ,C.Ni.1/36
Literary MeaningMW – Anointing, bedaubing
Implied Meaning1. A procedure for daily use. It means bedaubing the body with medicated homogeneous mixture of powder. Anointing the body part along the hair direction with paste made from various herbs using either water, some unctuous substance etc.
2. A treatment procedure.
ElaborationThe skin according to Ayurveda is made of successive layers of increasing thickness and its main function is to retain moisture within and to secrete unctuousness on the surface to maintain softness and suppleness. The main function is also to control Vaata activity and to keep the touch receptors nourished. If there is excess of fluidity and / or unctuousness, then the skin functions are hampered. In order to restore balance between fluidity and unctuousness and to improve skin colour and luster, measures like anointing the body with paste of herbs are advised.
Contemporary ColloquialOintment, cream, balm, jelly

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