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Etymology/ Definitionअयोग: प्रतिलोम्येन न चाल्पं वा प्रवर्तनम् । च. सि. ६/३१
ReferenceC.Si.6/31, C.Si.6/30 Chakrapaan`i, C.Su.15/13 Chakrapaan`i, A.H.Su.18/23
Literary MeaningM / W – inefficacy of a remedy
Implied MeaningIt is mostly referred to the treatment procedures. Less expulsion of Dosha or expulsion in opposite direction is labelled as Ayoga.
ElaborationWhen a purificatory measure is administered and it succeeds in bringing out only a little amount of Dosha or when the vitiated Dosha is expelled from the opposite aperture it is termed as Ayoga . It is also considered in preventive measures like Ayoga of water, Ayoga of light etc.

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