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Etymology/ Definitionविशेषेण मीयते ज्ञायते दोषभेषजाद्यनेनेति विमानं,दोषभेषजादीनां प्रभावादिविशेष
ReferenceS.Su.17/17 D`alhan`a, S.Chi.1/22
Literary MeaningM / W – causing to wither or languish, softening
Implied MeaningOne of the sixty Upakrama of Vran`a ( ulcer )
A type of substance, which is helpful to liquefy or soften the local oedema.
ElaborationIt is indicated in S`hopha ( oedema ), having mild and stable pain. It helps to liquefy the local tenderness and should be done with a fingertip or Ven`unaad`ee ( probe ) by applying gentle pressure over it. External Oleation and sudation over tender area should be done before Vimlaapana .
These substances are used externally as per the dominance of related Dosha .

Oedema due to dominant DoshaIndicated DrugsVaataDevadaaru (Cedurus Devadaaara), S`hunt`hee (Zinziber officinalis)PittaDoorvaa (Cynadon doctylon), Chandana (Santalum album)KaphaAs`hvagandhaa (Withania somonifera), Trivrit (operculum turpethum)

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