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TypeS.S./ D.G.
Etymology/ Definitionनाडी – स्रोतांसि नाड्या । च.वि.५/९
नाड्याम् अपरा । च.शा.६/२३
नाडी इति ताम्रादिरचित नलिकाम् । सु.सू.२७/१७
नाडी शाक। च.सू.२७/९७
ReferenceS.Chi.22/26, C.Vi.5/9, C.Sha.6/26, C.Su.27/97
Literary MeaningM / W – any tubular organ ( such as a vein or an artery of the body ), any pipe or tube
Implied MeaningNaad`ee denotes a structure that is tubular and open from both ends. Various constituents can flow along it. which has different shades of meaning –
1. Aparaa ( umbilical cord )
2. An Instrument
3. Parallel term for Srotas ( body channel )
4. A type of S`haaka ( Vegetable )
5. A type of disease
Elaboration1. It is a synonym for Aparaa ( umbilical cord )
2. The tubular stalk of any plant or any pipe or tube
3. Srotas are like channels, and hence it is a synonym for Srotas
4. This type of S`haaka is described by Charaka. It has Kat`u Vipaaka ( post digestive taste ) and S`heeta Veerya ( cold potency ) and it pacifies Kapha Pitta.
5. Dantanaad`ee ( Dental sinus )
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