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Etymology/ Definitionशुक्रं जनयति यत् तत् शुक्रजननम् ।
Literary MeaningM / W – ‘ S`hukra’ means semen , Janana means producing , generating ( i. e. producing semen )
ElaborationS`hukra is one of the seven Dhaatu in human body. It is has all its quality responsible for strength of body and mind. Generation of S`hukra Dhaatu is S`hukra Janana S`hukrajanana drug does possess the attributes like Snigdha ( Unctunous ), Guru ( Heavy ), Manda ,, Hima ( cold ), S`hlakshn`a ( fine ), Saandra ( viscous ), Mridu ( soft ), Sthira ( steady ). E. g. S`hataavaree
Generally, Vaata Dosha is responsible for depletion of S`hukra Dhaatu . Hence to facilitate it’s formation it is essential to pacify cititiated Vaata . There are 10 drugs enumerated by Charaka Samhitaa as S`hukra Janana. E. g . Jeevaka, Rishabhaka etc.Semen of crocodile ( Nakra ) is the best amongst all the aphrodisiac drugs.

SynonymsVrishya, Vaajeekaran`a
AntonymS`hukranaas`hana, Avrishya

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