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Etymology/ Definitionजाठरेणागिन्ना योगाद्यदुदेति रसान्तरम्। रसानां परिणामन्ते स विपाक इति स्मृत:। अ. हृ. सू. ९/२० यद्द्रव्यं परिणामकाले स्वाभाविकं रसं परित्यज्य रसान्तरं भजते तत्र विपाक इति संज्ञा । सु.सू. ४०/१ डल्हण
Literary MeaningPost digestive taste, final stage of digestion
Implied MeaningAfter a substance comes in contact with Jaat`haraagni, transformation occurs in the constitutional configuration of Mahaabhoota, Rasa and Dravya . This resultant constitutional change in the taste is called Vipaaka .
ElaborationIngested food of any taste undergoes transformation in the alimentary canal at three places. These stages are called Avasthaapaaka. In the stomach transformation occurs in sweet taste ( Madhura Avasthaapaaka ) where Kapha is generated with the Aahaara Rasa . In the small intestine the second stage taste conversion takes place and sour taste emerges along with Pitta and Aahaara Rasa Aamla Avasthaapaaka ). Finally in the colon the third conversion takes place to yield pungent taste ( Kat`u Avasthaapaaka ) to generate Vaata and Aahaara Rasa. After digestion is over in the gut it is taken over by the second stage of Mahaabhootaagni and finally by the Dhaatvagni _ s.
These three conversions in the alimentary canal are termed as Vipaaka . The quality of Aahaara Rasa and its nutritional status depends on the Vipaaka.
SynonymsNisht`haa Paaka

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