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Yoni Vis`hodhana

KeywordYoni Vis`hodhana
Literary MeaningCleansing of Yoni ( female genitalia )
Implied MeaningCleansing of Yoni making it free from Dosha .
ElaborationYoni refers to Apatyapatha, Tryaavartaa Yoni .
Yoni Vis`hodhana is a process by which external female genital organ is cleansed and made free from harbouring vitiated Dosha .
By this treatment, Dosha accumulated in the Garbhaas`haya liquefies and drains out ( Bhedana ). Thus, cleansing of internal environment of Tryaavartaa Yoni is carrying out. Yoni Vis`hodhana is a treatment of S`hleshmapradusht`aa Yoni.
SynonymsGarbhaas`haya S`hodhana
Contemporary ColloquialVaginal douch

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