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Etymology/ Definitionपुटपाकः अधोङ्र्ध्वाग्नितापे ज्ञेयः। शब्दकल्पद्रुम
Literary MeaningM / W – method of preparing drugs, e. g. various substances being wrapped up in leaves, covered with clay, and heated in fire
Implied MeaningIt is a specific ophthalmic administration of drugs in order to restore the strength of eyes.
ElaborationIn Put`apaaka therapy juice of a medicine is extracted with specific method and used in the treatment.
Three types of Put`apaaka are:
Snehana – prepared using flesh of animals from Aanoopa and Saadhaaran`a Des`ha, indicated in dryness of eyes.
– prepared by using flesh of animals from Jaangala Des`ha along with Lekhana substances like S`hankha ( conch shell ), Samudraphena ( bone of the cuttle – fish ), Taamra ( copper ). It is indicated in Snigdha Netra ( viscid eyes ).
– prepared by using liver, heart of animals from Jaangala Des`ha , milk, and ghee. It is useful in ophthalmic diseases developed due to vitiation of Vaata, Pitta and Rakta.
Contemporary ColloquialLink to procedure – Put`apaaka
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