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Mootra Sangrahan`eeya

KeywordMootra Sangrahan`eeya
Literary Meaning‘ Mootra’ means urine and ‘ Sangrahan`eeya’ means to reduce.
Implied MeaningThese drugs reduce urine out put.
ElaborationTo reduce excess urine output is known as Mootra Samgrahan`eeya . These are hot potency drugs, and are astringent, which absorb water.
In Prameha Mootra Vriddhi, Bahu Mootrataa urine output is increased. In such cases Mootra Sangrahan`eeya drugs are advised. E. g. Asanaadi Gan`a, Nyagrodhaadi Gan`a, Jambu, Udumbara, As`hvattha etc.
AntonymMootra Virechaneeya

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