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Etymology/ Definitionवेदनायां संभूतायां तां निह्रत्य शरीरं स्थापयतीति वेदनास्थापनम् । च.सू.४/८ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.4/8 Chakrapaan`i
Literary MeaningM / W – Vedanaa means pain, Sthaapana means stopping
Implied MeaningSubstances, which reduce pain and restore sense of well being, are called Vedanaasthaapana Dravya .
ElaborationPain is mainly due to aggravation of Vaata ( Vaatatdrite naasti rujaa ). In pain – induced conditions dry, cold, light attributes of Vaata are aggravated. Vedanaasthaapana substances control these attributes.
describes Vedanaasthaapana Das`hemaani ( Ten substances which reduce pain ). E. g . S`hireesha ( Albezia lebeca ), As`hokaa ( Sarraca asoka ).Other Similar terms can be explained as:
Samdnyaasthaapana – Substances which restore consciousness
Vayasthaapana – Substances which prolong ageing
SynonymsVedanaahara, Vedanaa S`haamaka
Contemporary ColloquialAnalgesic

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