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Etymology/ Definitionयोनिव्यापदो योनिरोगः । च.चि.३०/३८
ReferenceC.Chi.30/37, S.U.38/2 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningDiseases related to Yoni ( female reproductive organ ).
Implied MeaningThese are a group of twenty disorders in which Yoni is affected by various combinations of Dosha. These disorders are considered as Yonivyaapad.
ElaborationVarious gynaecological disorders are considered under these twenty Yonivyaapad . These are disorders mostly related with Yoni and Garbhaas haya ( uterus ). These are described by Charaka, Sus`hruta and Vaagbhat`a ( Vriddha ).
Charakaachaarya describes four major causative factors for these gynaecological disorders:
1. Mithyopachaara ( Improper diet and lifestyle )
2. Aartava Dusht`i ( Vitiation of menstrual flow )
3. Beeja Dusht`i ( Vitiation of Semen )
4. Daiva ( due to divine power / karma component )
Contemporary ColloquialGynaecological diseases
AntonymYoni Sampat

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