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Garbha Vriddhi Kara Bhaava

KeywordGarbha Vriddhi Kara Bhaava
Etymology/ Definitionउपस्नेहनम् – धातुनिष्यन्दसम्बन्धः ।
उपस्वेदः – शरीरस्य उष्मणा परं गर्भस्य स्वेदनम्, यथा – अण्डजानां पक्षतेः उपस्वेदनं वृद्धिकरं दृन्म् । च. शा. ४/२७ चक्रपाणि
Implied MeaningThese are the factors which enhance the growth of foetus.
ElaborationThere are 5 factors explained by Charakaachaarya ; which are responsible for foetal growth. These are —
Garbhakara Bhaava Sampad – all the factors responsible for existence of foetus should be at their optimum qualitative and functional level.
Vritta Sausht`hava – the dietary and behavioural regimen of mother should be proper and in favour of foetus.
Upasneha and Upasvedana 
Kaala Parin`aama – with due course of time, there is foetal growth.
Svabhaava Samsiddhatva – it is natural tendency of the foetus to grow.

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