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Majjaa Dhaatu

KeywordMajjaa Dhaatu
Etymology/ Definitionमेदसस्तानि पूर्यन्ते स्नेहो मज्जा ततः स्मृतः। च.चि.१५/३२
ReferenceC.Chi15/32,C.Sha.7/15,S.Su.15/7,A.H.Su.1/13, A.H.Su.11/19, A.H.Sha.3/80
Literary MeaningM / W – sunk or seated within, the marrow of bones, in the later medical system that element which is produced from the bones and itself produces semen
Implied MeaningMajjaa is the tissue within and enclosed by bones. It is situated in long bones. It is equated with the bone marrow in the long bones and the contents of the cranium are also considered as Majjaa.
ElaborationMajjaa is the sixth Dhaatu , in the sequential evolution of Saptadhaatu . It is derived from the essence formed after digestion of Asthi Dhaatu .
Bone Marrow fills bony cavities ( Asthi Pooran`am ) and imparts strength and unctuousness to the bones and nourishes the S`hukra Dhaatu ( the reproductive tissue ).
In volume Majjaa ( Bone marrow ) measures one Anjalee .
Diseases or symptoms due to its vitiation are pain in joints, skin eruption, giddiness and syncopal episodes.
Only S`haarangadhara mentions body hair as Upadhaatu of Majjaa .
Oily components of skin secretion, conjuctival secretion and the unctuousness in the faecal matter are waste product of Majjaa Dhaatu .
Contemporary ColloquialMarrow and contents of the cranium

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