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Etymology/ Definitionदाहं प्रशमयति यत् तत् दाहप्रशमनम् । तत्र सर्वाङ्गीणो तीव्रः सन्तापो दाहः । अ. सं. सू. २०/१२
Literary MeaningTo pacify burning sensation.
Implied MeaningThe drugs or the process, which pacifies the burning sensation.
ElaborationDaaha means burning sensation. It is mainly cause due to aggravated Pitta and may be associated with Vaata . Potency of Daaha pacifying drugs is cold. Laamajjaka and Us`heera are best medicines for pacifying Daaha .
Daaha is termed by other names according to the conditions as:
Plosha : Local burning sensation
Dava : Burning sensation at mouth, lips or palate
Davathu : Burning sensation in the sense organs
Vidaaha : Different types of burning sensation in the hands etc.
Antardaaha : Burning sensation in the Kosht`ha
In Charaka Samhitaa , group of 10 drugs are explained which pacify burning sensation ; it is called as Daaha Pras`hamana Gan`a . E. g. Chandana ( Santalum album ), Madhooka Bassia latifolia Roxb .) etc.
AntonymDaahavardhaka, Daahakara

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