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Etymology/ Definition वारुणी श्वेतसुरा । सा च श्वेतपुनर्नवादिमूलयुक्तेन शालिपिष्टेन क्रियते । सु.सू.४५/१७६ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Su.45/176 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningM / W – kind of spirit ( prepared from hogweed mixed with the juice of date or palm and distilled ), any spirituous liquor
Implied MeaningIt is a type of wine made from fine powder of rice and root of Boerhaavia verticilita ( Punarnavaa ).
ElaborationAs per S`haarangadhara the preparation method is as follow:
The intoxicating product prepared with juice of date, palm etc. followed by fermentation method is also called Vaarun`ee . The intoxicating product prepared similarly with cooked cereals is Suraa .
Habitual consumption of Vaarun`ee prevents Raajayakshmaa ( C. Chi. 8 / 164 ).
SynonymsPrasannaa ( Arun`adatta )

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