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Etymology/ Definitionअन्नादनु पश्चात् पीयत
ReferenceC.Su.27/325, S.Su.46/419,S.Su.46/434-37,A.H.Su.8/52
Literary MeaningM / W – drink taken with or after medicine, Anu means one that follows. Paana means drinking ( eating ). A vehicle used to follow the administered drug is Anupaana.
Implied MeaningAny substance when used to follow the main medication is called Anupaana. It is generally liquid but need not be always so. It is also called a vehicle and it is used as dietary supplement for certain substances. Certain substances are advised to facilitate their conversion and assimilation by the Agni.
ElaborationThe vehicle is important as it can facilitate the liquefaction, absorption of the ingested medicine of food. It helps in spreading and reaching the potency of the substance to the target organs.
The vehicle exhibits energy, satiety, spread of potency, firmness of the tissues and organs, breakdown and liquefaction of ingested food and digestion of the food. Hence it is desirable to have a proper and adequate Anupaana after either food or medication.
Anupaana ensures the liquefaction of given medication. It is also responsible for energy, digestion of the medicine and its spread towards the specific target organ in proper time. Hence selection of appropriate Anupaana and its dose is very important in determining the efficacy of the treatment. It is recommended with respect to a disease to achieve maximum drug efficacy. For Vaata originated diseases Ushn`a ( hot ), Snigdha ( unctuous ) Anupaana is indicated to compensate for excessively increased cold and dry attributes. It acts mostly on Rasa Dhaatu .
Anupaana is indicated in physiological as well as in pathological conditions. In healthy individuals diet, which is consumed may have certain factors, which aggravate Dosha . This is compensated by application of appropriate Anupaana .
Routinely used Anupaana are ( Honey, Ghrita , Hot water, Taila ( oil ) etc.
Specific Anupaana are indicated in diseases like Ars`ha ( piles ), Paand`u ( anaemia ) for better absorption of drugs. E. g. Takra ( butter milk )

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