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Maamsa Varga

KeywordMaamsa Varga
Literary MeaningM / W -‘ Maamsa’ means flesh, meat, ‘ Varga’ means Group ( i. e Group of flesh of different animals, birds etc .)
Implied MeaningIt explains the qualities of meat / flesh of different animals or birds etc. They are classified in to 8 sub – groups.
ElaborationBased on habits and habitat of animals, Ayurveda categorised meat of animals in to eight groups, which is call as Maamsa Varga . These groups are:
1. Prasaha Varga ( snatchers )
2. Mriga ( forest animals or wild beast )
3. Vaaris`haya ( aquatics )
4. Vaarichara ( residing near to water )
5. Vishkira ( spreaders )
6. Bhoomis`haya hole dwellers
7. Pratuda ( peckers )
8. Jaangala Mriga ( forest animals or wild beast living in Jaangala Des`ha )

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