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Etymology/ Definitionभावाभ्यसनमभ्यास: शीलनं सततक्रिया। च.सू.२६/३४
Literary MeaningRepetition of action
Implied Meaning1. One of the Paraadi attributes
2. Any action performed repeatedly according to regulations to achieve excellence.
Elaboration1. Paraadi is a set of eleven attributes, which are non – material. It means repetition of same action till it becomes homogenous with body constituents of an individual. E. g. Consumption of food comprised of all Rasa ( tastes – sweet, sour etc .)
Repeated consumption of tobacco becomes Abhyaasa saatmya .
2. The word also deals with a Chikitsaka ( Physician ) or S`halyakarma Vaidya ( Surgeon ) to achieve excellence in practice. Mere verbal understanding of science ( Avabodha ) is not sufficient, but expertise in the practical knowledge like surgical and medical skills ( Karmaabhyaasa ) is a must. In order to achieve excellence and competence a physician or a surgeon must recite the teaching or perform the practical training repeatedly to the satisfaction of his teacher. It is called Karmaabhyaasa.
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