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Etymology/ Definitionदूष्यो- धातुर्मलञ्च । अ.ह्र.सू.१२/६७ हेमाद्रि
वातादिभिर्दूष्यन्त इति दूष्याः । अ. हृ. सू.१ १३ अरुणदत्त
ReferenceC.Ni.4/7, A.H.Su.12/67 Hemaadri
Literary MeaningM / W – liable to be disgraced or ruined
Implied MeaningDhaatu ( body constituents ) and Mala ( waste products ) are called Dooshya as they are vitiated by Dosha .
ElaborationFor clinical purpose the body constituents are classified broadly into two categories Dosha and Dooshya .
Dosha are the vitiators, contaminators and those that are vitiated, contaminated by them are Dooshya . The Dhaatu and the Mala are collectively called Dooshya. E. g. Dooshya in Prameha ( Diabetes ) are: Meda ( fat ), Astra ( Blood ), S`hukra ( Semen ), Ambu ( Body fluids ), Vasaa ( muscle fat ), Laseekaa ( lymph ), Majjaa Rasa Ojas.

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