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Etymology/ Definitionनाडीव यद्वहति तेन मता तु नाडी, येन हेतुना नाडीवत्
ReferenceC.Chi.1/40 Chakrapaan`i, S.Ni.10/9 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningM / W – an ulcer, fistula
Implied MeaningA type of disease that is characterised by formation of a canal that is progressive and invading and does not heal easily
ElaborationIf the vitiated Dosha situated in the Maamsa and Siraa are neglected and the unwholesome food and regime continue, then they form an abscess. This if not punctured and drained, reaches the deeper tissues by forming a canal. This can be open on both the ends viz. the external on skin and internal on the deep tissues as the bone or even the marrow. This draining and obstinate nature makes it difficult to treat the disease. This is the Naad`ee Vran`a . it can occur at strategic situations like the perineum, fracture site, tooth etc.
Contemporary ColloquialFistula, Sinus

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