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Etymology/ Definitionभिषग्द्रव्याण्युपस्थाता रोगी पादचतुष्टयम्। च.सू.९/३
Literary MeaningM / W – consisting of 4 parts , Four pillar of tratment
Implied MeaningCompetent physician, quality drug, good nursing staff, and the patient are the four basic factors or pillars of any treatment.
ElaborationImbalance of Dosha implies state of a disease. To treat the disease or achieve equilibrium of Dosha , these four factors should be present and each should exhibit the following characteristics:
1. Qualities of a physician – He should have comprehensive knowledge of science, clear grasp of theoretical knowledge, wide practical experience, skills and purity of body and mind
2. Qualities of a substance – Applicability, possibility of various dosage forms, and richness of properties
3. Qualities of an attendant – Good knowledge of nursing, skill, attachment to the patient and cleanliness
4. Qualities of a patient – The patient should have good recollection of complaints. He should follow instructions obediently, should be courageous, and have an ability to describe his symptoms.

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