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Etymology/ Definitionऋतौ भवमार्तवम् । स्त्रीणां यदपत्यमार्गात् शुद्धं ईषत्कृष्णं विगन्धं लोहितं प्रवर्तते तदार्तवमुच्यते। अ.ह्र.शा.१/१ अरुणदत्त
ReferenceS.Sha.2/5, S.Su.14/10 D`alhan`a, A.H.Sha.1/1 Arun`adataa
Literary MeaningM / W – Menstrual flow, the ten days after the menstrual discharge fit for generation
Implied Meaning1. Streevis`hesha Upadhaatu . – It is the female specific tissue subtype of the Rasa Dhaatu .
2. Streebeeja the ovum generated between the cessation of menstrual flow and subsequent twelve nights.
3. Menstrual flow
Elaboration1. When the Aahaara Rasa is treated by the Rasa Dhaatvaagni and the Jala Mahaabhootaagni, it yields the Rasa Dhaatu , the subtle Rakta, Rasa waste product – Kapha in females the Rasa tissue subtype ( Upa Dhaatu Raja and Stanya ( breast milk ) and finally the contribution to Ojas formation.
2. Some authors equate the ovum with Aartava as it is produced during the period when the woman is capable of conceiving. This period generally extends from cessation of menstruation to about twelve nights thereafter. The woman is called Ritumati during this period.
3. Some authors equate the menstrual blood ( Raja ) with Aartava . Menstruation begins around twelve years of age and lasts till about fifty years in females.

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