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Etymology/ Definitionरौक्ष्यं खरत्वं वैशद्दयं यत् कुर्यात तध्दि रूक्षणम् । च.सू.२२/१०
Literary MeaningM / W – making thin, attenuating, the act of making thin , ( esp .) medical treatment for reducing fat or corpulence, Dehydrating therapy
Implied Meaning1. Any action, which generates dryness, cleanliness ( by reducing unctuous attribute ) is called Rookshan`a.
2. Rookshan`a Dravya – Substances, which support dehydration therapy e. g. Honey
ElaborationThis is one of the six major Upakrama described by Charaka .
The mode of action is by absorbing unctuousness from body constituents. These substances possess attributes like Laghu ( easy to digest ), hot, intense, Vis`hada ( cleanliness ), and hard. Its action is exactly opposite to that of Oleation. Hence it is indicated in diseases like Sthaulya ( obesity ). It has Apatarpan ( depriving, depleting body constituents ) kind of action.

Contemporary ColloquialDehydrating therapy

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