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Etymology/ Definitionविद्यात् अध्यशनं भूयो भुक्तस्योपरि भोजनम् । अ.हृ.सू. ८/३३
ReferenceA.H.Su.8/33, C.Chi.15/233, S.Su.46/ 508
Literary MeaningM / W – eating too soon after a meal ( before the last meal is digested ).
Implied MeaningImmediate consumption of food before the previously consumed food gets digested properly is called Adhyas hana.
Repeated consumption of food without considering Agnibala leads to various dieases.
ElaborationAs per Aachaarya, subsequent meal should be taken after a certain period ( after 3 / 4 hours ). This allows digestion of previously consumed food. If a person consumes food repeatedly before the previous meals is digested, it creates vitiation of Agni ( digestive power ), which leads to various diseases. It vitiates Grahan`ee ( stomach – seat of digestive power ) ( C. Su. 25 / 40 ).
Adhyas hana is a causative factor for various diseases e. g. Atisaara ( diarrhoea ), Pittaja Udara ( Ascites ), Krimiroga ( worm infestation ) etc.

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