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Nidaana Panchaka

KeywordNidaana Panchaka
Etymology/ Definitionनिदानं पूर्वरूपाणि रूपाण्युपशयस्तथा । संप्राप्तिश्चति विज्ञानं रोगाणां पञ्चधा स्मृतम् ॥अ.हृ.नि.१/२
ReferenceA.H.Ni.1/2, M.Ni.1/1 Madhukosha
Literary MeaningFive tools for diagnosing a disease
Implied MeaningNidaana ( etiological factors ), Poorva Roopa ( symptoms of forthcoming disease ), Roopa ( symptoms ), Upas haya ( disease pacifier ), and Sampraapti ( pathogenesis ) are the five tools to diagnose a disease.
Elaboration1 ) Nidaana – These are initiators of a disease. Actual disease development process starts afterwards i. e. Hetu Sevana.
2 ) Poorva Roopa – These are symptoms or indications of the forthcoming disease.
3 ) Roopa – This is a group of signs and symptoms, which develops after occurrence pathogenesis of disease.
4 ) Upas haya – These are specific factors, which pacify the symptoms of a disease. Counterpart of it is called as Anupas`haya .
5 ) Sampraapti – The process of pathogenesis from Hetu Sevana till the manifestation of the disease is called Sampraapti.
Contemporary ColloquialFive tools for diagnosis

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