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Puraan`a Ghrita

KeywordPuraan`a Ghrita
Etymology/ Definitionपुराणम् दशवर्षस्थितम्। सु.सू.४५/१०८ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Su.45/108 D`alhan`a, A.H.Su 5/40
Literary MeaningOld Ghee
Implied MeaningThe Ghrita kept aside in airtight vessel over a period of one to ten years is considered Puraan`a Ghrita ( S. Su. 45 / 108 D`alhan`a ).
ElaborationThe Puraan`a Ghrita has typical strong odour. Ghrita beyond ten years has appearance like Laakshaarasa ( Laccifeia fera Lacca ). It is advocated in various diseases viz. S`hvaasa ( Breathlessness ), Jvara ( fever ), Kaasa ( cough ), Apasmaara ( epilepsy ).
Hundred years old Ghrita is called Mahaaghrita. It is advocated in diseases arising from spiritual cause e. g. Bhootabaadhaa ( phenomenon of possession ).
SynonymsPuraan`a Ghrita
Contemporary ColloquialGhee

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