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Utkles`ha Janana

KeywordUtkles`ha Janana
Etymology/ Definition उत्क्लेशः – श्लेष्मनिष्ठीवनम्‌ । सु. उ. ३९/३३
उत्क्लेशः – हृल्लासलालाप्रसेकादिनादोषोत्क्लेशो ज्ञेयः । सु. उ. ३९/१०१
उत्क्लेशः – थूत्करणम्‌ । सु. उ. ४०/११
उत्क्लेशः – स्थानात्‌ चलितः । अ. हृ. सू. १८/१२
उपस्थितदोषाणाम्‌ – शाखां त्यक्त्वा कोष्ठगमनेन तथा लीनत्वपरित्यागेन प्रधान अवस्था अप्राप्तदोषाणाम्‌ । च. सू. २/१५
उत्क्लेशः – हृल्लासादिना बहिर्गमनोन्मुखान्‌ । च. चि. ३/१४८
Literary MeaningProvoking / Stimulating / Precipitating Dosha
Implied MeaningThis is a condition of Dosha , which are aggravated in such amount that they are ready to get out from the nearest opening spontaneously.
ElaborationUtkles`ha is a condition of viltiated Dosha , where due to their quantitative increase ; they try to move out from the nearest opening of the body. Symptoms like nausea, ptylism ( excessive salivation ) etc. are mainly due to Utkles`ha of Dosha . Aggravated Dosha tries to come out spontaneously.
But for S`hodhana Chikitsaa Utkles`ha of Dosha is necessary hence Snehana and Svedana as a prerequisite of S`hodhana.
SynonymsSamutkles`ha, Utkles`ha, Upasthita Dosha

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