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Jalachara Varga

KeywordJalachara Varga
Etymology/ Definitionये अप्सु जले चरन्ति ते अप्चराः । वा. सू. ६/५१ अरुणदत्त
जल एव चरणाद् जलचारिणाः । अ. सं. सू. ७/७८इन्दुः जलान्तर्वासिनो मत्स्याः । हेमाद्रिः
अम्बुचारिण इति जले प्लवन्त इति अर्थः । च. सू. २७/४१ चक्रपाणि
जले निवासाद् जलजा, जले चर्याद् जलचराः । च. सू. २७/५४ चक्रपाणि न्दुःऊ
ReferenceA.H.Su. 6/51
Literary MeaningM / W – Aquatic animals
Implied MeaningGroup of aquatic animals.
ElaborationWhile explaining the qualities of flesh, based on their eating habit and habitat, different animals and birds are classify in to eight different groups. One of the groups is Jalachara which comprises aquatic animals. Charaka has considered in two types as …
Vaaris`haya: Invariably living in the water e. g. Koorma ( tortoise ) is living in water
Vaarichaarin: Living on the water ; i. e. they swim on to the water e. g. Hamsa ( Swan ) live on the water
Meat of aquatic animals is the heaviest amongst all the Maamsa Varga . In aquatic animals meat of fish is most heavy for digestion. Meat of aquatic animals is heavy to digest, hot in potency, unctuous, sweet in attribute. It increases the strength and bulk. It is aphrodisiac ( Vrishya ), pacifies Vaata , increases Kapha and Pitta .
SynonymsApachara Varga, Vaaris`haya, Vaarichara

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