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Sukha Saadhya

Keyword NSukha Saadhya
Etymology/ Definition हेतव: पूर्वरूपाणि रूपाण्यल्पानि यस्य च। न च तुल्यगुणो दूष्यो न दोष: प्रकृतिर्भवेत्‌। चतुष्पादोपपत्तिश्च सुखसाध्यस्य लक्षणम्‌। च. सू. १०/११-१३
Literary MeaningEasily curable
Implied MeaningDiseases , which are easily cured are called Sukhasaadhya .
ElaborationIt is a subtype of Saadhya ( curable ) diseases , which is classified on the basis of curability . The following factors indicate Sukha Saadhya Vyaadhi :
1 . The causative factors , Poorvaroopa ( prodromal symptoms ) and symptoms of the disease are in mild form .
2 . Dosha and Dooshya do not posses equal properties . E . g . Disease developed due to vitiation of Rakta by Kapha . Here Kapha and Rakta possess opposite properties , hence this results in mild symptoms making it curable
3 . Disease having a single direction and without complications . E . g . Adhoga Raktapitta ( intrinsic haemorrhage ) or Oordhvaga Raktapitta without complications .
4 . Causative Dosha of disease and constitution of a patient is different . E . g . when a person with Vaataja constitution develops Kaphaja or Pittaja disease .
5 . Duroopakrama Des ` ha � A person in Vaata Kapha dominant Aanoopa Des ` ha develops Pittaja disease .
6 . Availability of all factors of Chatushpaada .

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