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Arisht`a Bandhana

KeywordArisht`a Bandhana
ReferenceC.Chi.23/35, S.Ka.5/8
Literary MeaningApplying Tourniquet
Implied MeaningIt is applying a tight bandage to the proximal poisonous bite to prevent the peripheral blood from reaching the heart.
ElaborationIt is procedure to prevent the poisonous peripheral blood from reaching the heart. It is done by Rajju ( Rope ) or by chanting of Mantra . At the proximal end of the bite, the thread / rope should be tied in such a way that the venous drainage of the blood should be stopped untill other measures are carried. It helps to stop the spread of the poison and stops it from reaching it to the heart.
This also achieved by Mantra ( Vedic Hymn ).

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