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Sukha Saadhya

KeywordSukha Saadhya
Etymology/ Definition त्: प्प्ण् प्ण्प्न्  च्। न् च् त्ग्ण् द न् द: प्र्कत्त्। च्त्प्दप्प्त्त् ख्ध् क्ष्ण्। च्. . १०/११-१३
Literary MeaningEasily curable
Implied MeaningDiseases, which are easily cured, are called Sukhasaadhya .
ElaborationIt is a subtype of Saadhya ( curable ) diseases, which is classified on the basis of curability. The following factors indicate Sukha Saadhya Vyaadhi :
1. The causative factors, prodromal symptoms and symptoms of the disease are in mild form.
2. Dosha and Dooshya do not posses equal properties. E. g. Disease developed due to vitiation of Rakta by Kapha . Here Kapha and Rakta possess opposite properties, hence this results in mild symptoms making it curable
3. Disease having a single direction and without complications. E. g. Adhoga Raktapitta ( intrinsic haemorrhage ) or Oordhvaga Raktapitta without complications.
4. Causative Dosha of disease and constitution of a patient is different. E. g. when a person with Vaataja constitution develops Kaphaja or Pittaja disease.
5. Duroopakrama Des ` ha – A person in Vaata Kapha dominant Aanoopa Des`ha develops Pittaja disease.
6. Availability of all factors of Chatushpaada .
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