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Etymology/ Definitionलोकस्य जगतः द्वैविध्याद् द्विप्रकारत्वात् । स्थावरो वृक्षादि:, जङ्गमो मनुष्यादि: । सु. सू. १।२१
ReferenceC.Sha.4/13, S.Su.1/21 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningM / W – earth, and the atmosphere or the lower regions
Implied MeaningUniverse
ElaborationAccording to Charaka body, soul and mind triad is the root of Loka . So long as this triad is intact the Loka exists and the moment it is disrupted it ceases to exist for the individual.
Ayurveda considers Loka as everything outside the human body. It is considered that the Purusha ( in vivo ) is a minute replication of the Loka ( in vitro ). Loka is further divided in to two groups as Sthaavara and Jangama .
SynonymsJagat Vis`hva Samsaara
Contemporary ColloquialUniverse

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