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Etymology/ Definitionकेश्यं केशहितम् । अ.हृ.सू.५।६०अरुणदत्त.
ReferenceA.H.Su.5/60 Arun`adatta
Literary MeaningM / W – suitable for hair
Implied MeaningSubstances, which nourish hair, are called Kes`hya.
ElaborationNourishment and oiliness of hair depends upon Kapha . Depletion of Kapha leads to Rasakshaya ( depletion of Rasa ). Substances in Jeevaneeya Gan`a function as Kes`hya by nourishing Rasa.
Due to obstruction of Rasavaha Srotas, nourishment of hair is hampered. Substances like Bhringaraaja Nirgun`d`ee act as Kes`hya by cleansing and opening Srotasa.
( hair ) is the tissue specific waste product of Asthi ( bone ) metabolism. Substances like Aamalakee, Mustaa act as Kes`hya by digestion and purification of Asthi Dhaatu .
These substances are used internally as well as externally in Alopecia, early greying of hairs etc.

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