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Jihvaa Vis`hodhana

KeywordJihvaa Vis`hodhana
Etymology/ Definitionजिह्वानिर्लेखनं रौप्यं सौवर्णं वार्क्षमेव च ।
तन्मलापहरं शस्त्रं मृदु श्लक्ष्णं दशाङ्गुलम् ॥
मुखवैरस्यदौर्गन्ध्यशोफजाड्यहरं सुखम् । सु. चि. २४/१३
Literary MeaningTongue cleaning
Implied MeaningThe process or drug which cleans the tongue is known as Jihvaa Vis`hodhana .
ElaborationTongue is cleaned by tongue cleaner, prepared from silver, gold or wood. It cleans the surface of the tongue and removes the coatings, making clear sensation of the taste. It should be 10 Angula in length.
It is mainly indicated in Aruchee, Jihvaa S`hotha, Jihvaa Jaad`ya, Mukha Vairasya, Mukha Daurgandhya etc.
SynonymsJihvaa Nirlekhana

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