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Etymology/ Definitionकालो हि नाम (भगवान्) स्वयंभूरनादिमध्यनिधनः । स सूक्ष्मामपि कलां न लीयत इति कालः, संकलयति कालयति वा भूतानि इति कालः । सु. सू. ६/३
ReferenceS.Su.6/3 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningM / W – the proper time or season
Implied MeaningAn entity, which never falters even by a fraction, which is in perpetual motion, is Kaala ( time ).
Sorrowful and joyful conditions of human life are linked with it. Hence it is termed as Kaala.
ElaborationKaala is self – emergent ( not derived from any other entity ) and without beginning, middle state and end. It is a continuum. Normal and abnormal function tastes ( Sweet, sour etc .), and life of all living entities ( its origin and end ) is dependant upon it. Lord Sun makes division of Kaala into various types by His specific movements, which are as follows:
Akshinimesha – time required for blinking of eyes
Kaasht haa – a measure of time, 15 Akshinimesha make one Kaast`haa ( 1 / 30 Kalaa )
Kalaa – division of time, 30 Kaast`haa constitute one Kalaa ( said to be 1 / 900 of a day or 1 – 6 minutes )
Muhoorta – 20 Kalaa constitute one Muhoorta ( division of time, 3oth part of a day, period of 48 minutes )
Ahoraatra – 30 Muhoorta make one Ahoraatra ( a day and a night )
15 Ahoraatra constitute a fortnight, which has two divisions viz. bright and dark. Both of theses together make a month.
Twelve months constitute one year. Combination of two months indicates a season and every year comprises six seasons.
Yuga – long mundane period of years ( there are four of these )
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