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Etymology/ Definitionफलस्य पाकाद् अन्तो विनाशो येषां तिलमुादिनां ते फलपाकान्ताः, अत्र केचित् फलपाकान्ताः पाकान्ताः च ओषध्य इति वदन्ति, तेन विना अपि फलं पाकेन एव अन्तो येषां दूर्वादीनां ते अपि गृह्यन्ते । च. सू. १/७२ चक्रपाणि
Literary MeaningM / W – An annual plant or herb ( which dies after becoming ripe )
Implied MeaningGroup of cereals which get dessicated after the ripening of the seeds.
ElaborationS`hooka Dhaanya ( any awned or bearded grains ) or S`himbee Dhaanya ( leguminous grains ), which dessicate after the maturation of the seeds in the legumes. E. g. Tila ( Sesame ), Mudga ( Green Gram ). According to Chakrapaan`i , it is not necessary that at the maturation period of any grain, seeds should be ripened. Then also, such drugs are called as Oshadhi . E. g. Doorvaa .
AntonymVeerudh, Vanaspati, Vaanaspatya

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