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Etymology/ Definitionविभुत्वम् सर्वपरिमाणयोगित्वम् । च.शा.१/८० चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Sha.1/80 Chakrapaan`i, A.H.Sha.3/83
Literary MeaningM / W – to pervade, to arise, to develop or manifest, to expand, to appear
Implied MeaningIt is an Aatman trait meaning that the soul is omnipresent because it pervades the entire universe.
ElaborationThe term Vibhu signifies the capacity to spread evenly and occupy all the space at the same time, capacity to be omnipresent. Out of the nine causative substances Aatman possesses this capacity and on the microcosmic plane Dosha Vaayu has this capacity.
Aatman can perceive things in spite of the ( spatial, temporal, or material ) obstructions due to Vibhu trait. Aatman is trapped in a body and is permanently associated with mind. The body is the instrument of gratification of various desires expressed by Aatman through the medium of mind and sense organs.
It is also an attribute of Vaata Dosha.

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