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Etymology/ Definitionदृष्टान्तो नाम यत्र मुर्खविदुषां बुद्धिसाम्यं यो वर्ण्यं वर्णयति। च.वि.८/३४
Literary MeaningM / W – explained by an example or simile
Implied MeaningDescription of the universal truth comprehensible to the wise and ignorant alike is known as Drisht`aanta or example .
ElaborationIn describing some complex concept the authors resort to citing analogies in order to make it understandable to people with good comprehension as well as low comprehension. These defer from Upamaana Pramaan`a in the sense that Upamaana has been accepted as a tool of knowledge acquisition while Drisht aanta is not. Domain of Drisht aanta is restricted as compared to Upamaana .

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