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Aartavavaha Srotas

KeywordAartavavaha Srotas
Etymology/ Definitionआर्तववहे द्वे, तयोर्मूलं गर्भाशय आर्तववाहिन्यश्च धमन्य:, तत्र विद्धाया वन्ध्यात्वं मैथुनासहिष्णुत्वमार्तवनाशश्च; सेवनीच्छेदाद्रुजाप्रादुर्भाव:; बस्तिगुदविद्धलक्षणं प्रागुक्तमिति । सु. शा. ९/१२
Literary MeaningM / W – Aartava means menstrual flow or ovary, Vaha means carrying , bearing , conveying , bringing , causing , producing , effecting flowing through or into or towards
Implied MeaningFemale reproductive system. Body channel for carrying Pushpa ( Ovum ) in females.
ElaborationThis is exclusively female related body channel. It gets activated from puberty ( i. e. approximately from the age of 12 years ). If fertilization and pregnancy do not ensue, during every month, essentially part of the endometrium and blood products that pass out of the body through this channel.
This channel comprises of vaginal canal, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. The process of shedding of Raja i. e. menstrual blood is active till menopause. Generally, it is observed till the age of 45 – 50 years.
Aartava is an indicative word of Raja i. e. menstrual blood ; sometimes it is used for the ovum also.
This is explained by Sus`hruta .
Moolasthaana ( origin of the channel ) – Garbhaas`haya ( uterus ), Aartavavaahi Dhamanee ( Fallopian tubes )
Viddha Lakshan`a ( symptoms of derangement ) – Vandhyatva ( infertility ), Maithuna Asahushn`utva ( painful libido ), Aartava Naas`ha ( unovulatory menstruation )
Contemporary ColloquialFemal Reproductive system

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