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Etymology/ Definitionपुरोवातः – पूर्वादिगागतो वातः । अ.हृ.सू.२/४०
ReferenceA.H.Su. 2/40 Arun`adatta, A.H.SU.3/54, A.H.Ni.1/21
Literary MeaningM / W – bringing east wind
Implied MeaningThe wind blowing from east direction is termed as Purovaata.
ElaborationVaagbhat`a advises to avoid wind blowing from east direction as it is not suitable for body.
As per Hemaadri sunbeam, dust from east direction, rain and strong blowing wind should be avoided.
Vaagbhat`a describes it as one of the causative factors for diseases because it aggravates three Dosha. He emphasises to avoid Purovaata in rainy season.
It is one of the seven palliative measures Maaruta Sevaa of S`hamana Upakrama.

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