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Etymology/ Definitionवर्ततये अनया इति वर्ति । भेषजनिर्माणम्,नयनाञ्जन,लेखः। शब्दकल्पद्रुम
ReferenceC.Vi.2/13, C.Si.7/24, S.U.11/7
Literary MeaningM / W – anything rolled up or wrapped round
Implied MeaningIt is medicated rounded structure like a suppository used in various diseases.
ElaborationPhala Varti – A medicated suppository used in obstructed Vaata or Malaavabaddhataa.
Netra Varti – 
A medicated rounded structure used in various ophthalmic diseases.
Dhooma Varti – It is used for medicated smoking.
Contemporary ColloquialSuppository, wick,
AntonymPlota, Pichu

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