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Kha Vaigun`ya

KeywordKha Vaigun`ya
Etymology/ Definitionक्षिप्यमाणः खवैगुण्याद्रसः सज्जति यत्र सः । करोति विकृतिं तत्र खे वर्षामिव तोयदः । च.चि.१५/३७ खवैगुण्यात् इति स्त्रोतोवैगुण्यात् । च.चि.१५/३७ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Chi.15/37, S.Su.24/10
Literary Meaning“ Kha ” is Aakaas`ha in Sanskrit. It denotes space. “ Vaigun`ya ” is absence of or freedom from qualities, absence of attributes, difference of qualities, contrariety of properties. Vitiated Dosha when circulating with Rasa in the body along the three channels get stuck at a degraded channel or tissue and anchor themselves at the site The underlying degradation is called Kha Vaigun`ya in Ayurveda. Srotas is denoted by Kha in Ayurveda Kha Vaigun`ya means defectiveness in the Srotasa ( channel or course for conveying food ).
M / W – diversity, imperfection, defectiveness
Implied MeaningKha Vaigun`ya is the term that usually denotes the qualitative degradation of the body tissues. Due to this the vitiated Dosha can dwell at the site resulting in strong association of them, which in turn manifests in diseases. There are 6 stages through which the disease manifests itself. These stages are called as Shat kriyaa Kaala ( S. Su. 21 ).
This association of vitiated Dhaatu and degraded channels, and tissues happens at the fourth step, which is Sthaana Sams`hraya in the Kriyaa Kaala.
ElaborationKha Vaigun`ya is the term explained by Ayurveda while explaining the course of disease. According to Ayurveda a disease is an effect of the negative changes in the Dosha . The three Dosha get vitiated due to the factors aggravating them. The provoked Dosha travel through the channels in the human body. Dosha reside at a specific site in the body where the site is already defective due to a previous disease or due to some recurrent factors affecting the good qualities of Dhaatu or Srotas .
SynonymsSroto Vaigun`ya

AntonymSrotah Prasaadana

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