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Etymology/ Definitionक्षिप्तोष्णतोये मृदित: फाण्ट इत्यभिधीयते । च.सू.४/६ चक्रपाणि
Literary MeaningM / w – infusion, decoction, pounded medicinal substances mixed with four parts of hot water and then filtered.
Implied MeaningA medicine is prepared by putting a drug in boiling water and then squeezing it. The filtrate out of it is known as Phaan`t`a.
ElaborationOne of the five basic preparatory processes in Bhaishajya Kalpanaa .
As per S`haarangadhara description of Phaan`t`a is as follows:
One Pala ( 12 gm ) of rough ground plant is added to one Kud`ava of boiling water. After mixing them thoroughly the mixture is covered till it becomes lukewarm. Then it is filtered through a clean cloth. The finally obtained liquid is called Phaan`t`a . Due to the involvement of boiling processes this type of decoction is easily digested as compared to Svarasa Kalka . It is prepared from single or multiple plants as per the requirement. Prakshepa ( additions to the final preparation ) like jaggery, sugar are added to compensate for the strong properties of Dravya . E. g. Aamraadi Phaan`t`a ( juice obtained from Mango leaves ) is useful in fever.
This is generally made of aromatic plants that have volatile ingredients that are unstable at strong boiling.
Contemporary ColloquialHot Infusion

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