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Etymology/ DefinitionnüÉä¹É{ÉÚhÉÉÇÊxÉ »ÉÉäiÉÉÆ漃 ¶ÉÉävɪÉÊiÉ <ÊiÉ »ÉÉäiÉ&¶ÉÉävÉxÉÉÊxÉ * +. ¾ý. ºÉÚ. 5/35
Literary MeaningCleansing and opening the channels
Implied MeaningThese are the drugs, which cleanse the body channels.
ElaborationSrotas means body channels and S`hodhana means cleansing. Drugs which cleanse the body channels are known as Srotovis`hodhaka . E. g. buttermilk , Mastu ( watery part of curd / whey ), Man`d`a, Madya
The vitiated Dosha harbouring in the subtle body channels obstruct them, leading to extravasation of the contents. The Srotovis`hodhana substances due to their properties succed in cutting the Dosha from their abode and dislodging them in the circulating Rasa ; thus rendering the internal environment clean and devoid of vitiated Dosha Utkles`hana Basti is also useful in cleansing the body channels.
SynonymsMaarga Vis`hodhaka
AntonymSrotomaalinyakara, Srotorodhakara

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