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Etymology/ Definitionक्षीयमाण शरीर अवस्था। विपर्यय क्षयः । अ.ह्र.सू.१/१४,अरुणदत्त
ReferenceC.Su.17/3, S.Su.14/3, A.H.Su.1/14,S.Su.15/1,11,A.H.Su.11/15, A.H.Ni.5/3 Hemaadri
Literary MeaningDepletion
Implied Meaning1. It is the depleted stage of Dosha Dhaatu ( seven body constituents ), and Mala ( waste products ) i. e. Vaatakshaya ( depletion of Vaata ), Pittakshaya ( depletion of Pitta ), Kaphakshaya ( depletion of Kapha ).
2. A type of disease. i. e. Raajayakshmaa ( Tuberculosis ).
ElaborationIn classical texts symptoms of these depleted body constituents are described. Kshayaavasthaa of each Dosha leads to depletion in basic attributes of that particular Dosha, which results in related symptoms e. g. depletion of Pitta generates symptoms like decreased digestive power ( Manda Ushmataa ), Nishprabhatva ( decreased body lustre ) etc. Depletion of Vaata generates symptoms like Mandacheshtaa ( slowing down of voluntary movements ).
In treatment of depleted Dosha it is necessary to boost the dwindling attributes of respected Dosha with drugs having similar properties ( Sva Yonivardhana Dravyopayoga ). E. g. increased dryness in depleted Kapha is compensated by use of unctuous substances like Ghee, oil etc.
Sus`hruta describes various factors responsible for the depletion of the body constituents ( Dosha Dhaatu Mala ) ( S. Su. 15 / 11 ) like excessive purification, excessive pacification, suppression of natural urges, unwholesome entities etc.
Charakaachaarya describes various types of Kshaya. In this disease body constituents are in a depleted stage, which leads to a group of specific symptoms. Hence it is called Kshaya.

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