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Maanasa Prakriti

KeywordMaanasa Prakriti
Etymology/ Definitionमनसि भवो जातो वा मानसं। । प्रकृति स्वभावं । शब्दकल्पद्रुम
Literary MeaningPsychological constitution
Implied MeaningEach individual is born with certain psychological traits, instincts. His behaviour is influenced by Sattva, Raja or Tama at the time of conception. This set of inborn psychological qualities of an individual is called Maanasa Prakriti .
ElaborationThis is mental constitution, like the physical constitution. This is also decided at the time of conception. This is again a combination of some physical, psychological and sensory attributes, which generally remain constant throughout the life span of that individual.
Sus`hruta describes subtypes of Saatvika, Raajas, and Taamasa constitutions.
As per some Ayurvedic scholars psychological constitution can not be ascertained in mental disorders.
SynonymsChitta Prakriti ( D`alhan`a )

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