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Etymology/ Definitionमत्स्यण्डिका खण्डमध्ये पाकात् धनीभूतामत्स्याण्डनिभा भवति । च. सू. २७/२४० चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.27/240 Chakrapaan`i, S.Su.46/163, A.H.Su.5/49
Literary MeaningM / W – inspissated juice of the sugarcane
Implied MeaningWhen sugarcane juice is inspissated and takes the shape of eggs of fish, it is called Matsyan`d`ikaa.
ElaborationIt is aphrodisiac and useful in diseases like Kshataksheen`a ( traumatic haemorrhage ), and Raktapitta ( intrinsic haemorrhage ). It also alleviates Vaata. It is different from the following sugarcane juice preparations.
Khan`d`a ( sugar candy ), and S`harkaraa ( sugar ) are all progressively more refined and cooler in relation to Dhauta Gud`a . Sugar represents the most refined stage of sugarcane juice. It is also the coldest of all the varieties.
Sugar prepared by boiling the decoction of Duraalabhaa ( Fogenia cretica ) is known as Yaasas`harkaraa , and it is astringent, sweet as well as bitter in taste and cold in potency.

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