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Etymology/ Definitionआह्रियते इति आहार:। ब्रह्मादेरपि च लोकस्याहार: स्थित्युत्पत्तिविनाशहेतु आहारादेवभिवृद्धिर्बलमारोग्यंवर्णेन्द्रियप्रसादश्च । सु. सू. ४६/३
ReferenceS.Su.46/ 524,C.Su.27/349,S.Su.46/3
Literary MeaningM / W – food
Implied MeaningLife depends on food ( Aahaara ). It is the main source of vigour, complexion and Ojas .
It should be of four types and have representation of five Mahaabhoota . It should possess six tastes, two main or eight subsidiary potencies, and all the twenty physical attributes.
ElaborationAahaara is classified into four types as per of its physical status:
As`hita – 
Solid but soft diet, which can be consumed as whole
Khaadita – Solid diet, which is chewed
Peeta – Liquid diet, which is drunk
Leed`ha – Diet to be licked i. e. semi liquids
Even gods depend on food for their sustenance.
Aahaara is the basic need of human beings. It is responsible for pleasure of mind, quality of voice and strength of body constituents.
Mental state varies with type of food consumed by an individual.
It comprises six tastes viz. sweet, sour, salty, astringent, pungent, bitter
Aggravation and depletion of Dosha is dependant upon the Rasa ( taste ), Veerya ( potency ), and Vipaaka ( post digestive taste ) of the substances.

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